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Purchase the latest album HINDSIGHT on CD or Vinyl today!





12/10/08 - Basement Tapes EP Out of Print 

Dear Friends,

It's been awhile.

I'm just dropping in because it's come to my attention as of yesterday that Basement Tapes EP is out of print and now officially sold out. It'll continue to be available on iTunes for awhile longer, however.

As you all know, the EP is just a collection of pre-production demos from awhile back. It's now out of print because some of the songs have been re-recorded and are going to be re-released along with a slew of new material for the upcoming full length LP, which is currently undergoing production here in Los Angeles.

As always, it's an infinite pleasure to know you. If you want to catch up while I'm busy laying the bricks on the new material, then feel freer than free to sign up for the mailing list, keep up with the blog, comment, or message with whatever Hellos you feel like sharing today.

It's Wednesday, go do something fun.

Take it easy - but take it!


8/16/08 - Updates 

Various links and MP3 streams were broken on the myspace.com music page.  As of today they should be fixed.

There is a new EP in the works currently being written and recordings soon to be underway, loosely titled "Sessions from an Empty Room and Other Stories Caught From the Air."  Keep an eye out for that as well as Los Angeles gigs TBA.

7/26/08 - Moving to Los Angeles 

A message to fans: Patrick is relocating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California as of July 31st, 2008 for both personal and career reasons.

Patrick will be back performing and recording in September.  For those of you in of Los Angeles, keep your eyes out for concert dates!  And those of you in Pittsburgh and the east coast, Patrick will be returning periodically to visit and perform.

We encourage you to keep checking back for more news and developments as the summer progresses.  This is only the beginning, folks!

5/27/08 - New Version of "Arsonist Blues" Posted 

Hey All,
Brand-New version of Arsonist Blues is up. A step up from the former acoustic demo, for those of you who like to nod your head to a rhythm of some sort.

A quick note about what's cooking in the oven:
-New songs are currently being recorded. They should be popping up within weeks, weather permitting(?).
-A cover is in the works as well. Won't tell until it's done, just have to wait and see..

And a load of other things. So much stuff to do, so few fingers to push buttons with.

have a great week.

4/16/08 - And Now For Some News... 

1) "Arsonist Blues" is getting the track it deserves, from a fledgling acoustic demo to a full-band recording. Stay tuned for that.

2) There is a cover in the works being recorded. It's a surprise, so you'll just have to wait and see what it is. It's a goodie, though.

3) A new song is being written, and once the above two tasks are complete, this song will be recorded and released soon. So don't go away! The best is yet to come.

Have a brilliant week.

3/16/08 - Mailing List Button Fixed... 

Sorry about the problem with the mailing list button not working for awhile, but it's all in order now.  If you were trying to get the free MP3s before but couldn't, now you can.  Hope you all have a great, great week.

3/14/08 - Blogging Time 

I had started a blog on MySpace about a week ago, and now I've carried it over to my main page.  So as of today, there is a blog section of my website which will be updated every so often.  Just voicings and insights of the thoughts that circle in between the songs.

3/8/08 - New Song 

New demo recording of my song "Sugar and Lies" is now posted on my MySpace and Facebook pages, and soon will be here in the Audio section of this site. 

"Sugar and Lies" is actually an older song, originally recorded as an acoustic demo back in 2006...but I brushed the dust off, gave it a new hat, taught it a few new tricks and now it's as good as new.  Let me know how you dig it.

Keep listening, stay happy...


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