“I like the grit in his vocals and the songwriting is very strong. Nice to see that he gives as much thought to the lyrics as to the instrumentation. That he did this all himself makes this doubly impressive.”
-Doug Brod, editor, Spin Magazine

"The album includes "Arsonist Blues," a song that landed him an offer from Original Signal records and has him sounding like the grittier, spirtual successor to Jeff Buckly's throne."
-Angelo Lorenzo, The Deli Magazine

"Joseph has a way with words, and “Don’t Believe It” is lyrically and musically robust, with not a single note wasted or out of place."
- NME Magazine

"My only hope is that the world will get back to appreciating real music so this Patrick Joseph can shine like the star he is."
-Shaine Freeman, IAE Magazine

"We’re completely charmed by what Joseph brings to the vocal booth, a tone as warmly sexy as Donovan Leitch."
-Michael Verity,

"This is the thinly-veiled dichotomy of Patrick Joseph's music - while his lyrics and vocal performance can appear bitter or downtrodden, the music is so pure and whimsical that it will ultimately leave you with a smile on your face."
-Mark Morton, Music Emissions

"He probably wrote a song about every feeling anyone has ever experienced — big or small, infamous or secret"
-Seraphina, Buzz Bands LA

"Gifted LA adult-contemporarist with a world-weary Waitsian voice and a Spoon meets Beatles soft-rock vibe." - NOW Magazine Toronto

"That's Patrick Joseph. Never heard of him? No worries. The L.A.-based singer-songwriter's first album, 'Antiques,' was released this month, and if there's justice in the world, you'll know his name soon enough."

"...His top-notch songs are decorated with rock 'n' roll, folk and lush pop, and drenched in the truth."

"This work is clearly all heart. Rockin’ folk with a touch of brilliance, Joseph has a solid song-writing talent. His gravelly vocals mixed with dreamy melodies and lyrics you want to follow make for an impressive listen."
-Jenness Mitchell, Alloa Advertiser

Independent Music Awards Interview - March 2011

The Deli Magazine - Patrick Joseph Sheds Layers In Breakthrough Video - September 2011